Flora & Fauna Spring 2017

This seasons box has a few brands and products my family love to use and actually needed so it was a very well timed box for us! I also ordered the new Black Chicken Remedies deodorant paste Barrier Booster and the¬†Transcendence (1) perfume. I love Black Chicken! Eye of Horus Bio Vegan Mascara. I had … Continue reading Flora & Fauna Spring 2017


Kate Moss- My New Style Icon + Body Issues

Ever since having baby no.2 and stopping breastfeeding my body has kind of 'deflated' I haven't got any real sign that I've had kids, no stretch marks or anything like that, just a massive decrease in weight and the awful things that go along with low body weight; No boobs, no upper body at all … Continue reading Kate Moss- My New Style Icon + Body Issues