Menu planning

It’s Thursday so that means it is meal menu planning for the week Sat-Friday. Now this is not as simple a task as it was when we didn’t have kids or even when I was living alone, what with taking the needs of young children and a partner into consideration and budgets as well as making sure we get enough food for each meal so there’s enough for lunches the next day.

So what I generally do on a Thursday is ask my other half if there is anything he really wants for the next week (usually says bangers n mash which I generally ignore), I look to see what the weather is doing, check the fridge to see if there is anything spare we didn’t use the week before to use up and avoid waste and think about whats in season. Then I grab all the cookbooks that meet our needs and flick through for inspiration or recipes that everyone will like, I LOVE Jamie Oliver I mean the man can do no wrong in my eyes so he features strongly in my weekly book stack. I’ve also recently completed the I Quit Sugar 8 week program so I sometimes go back through the program and pick out a meal that really stood out as a favourite for us. I also aim to have a vegetarian meal at least once a week and during the footy season Friday nights is pasta night.

Once I decide on what meal to have I write down a list of what ingredients we need, modifying and changing amounts and ingredients as I go. I work off 3 lists, Butchers, Market and Supermarket for any staples and anything I won’t be able to get fresh from the local market. I then add any extra stuff we need (this week it’s tissues and butter) and voila plan done for the week.

I also try to get a bit of Sunday meal prep happening if we have nothing else on, so i’ll make a veggie bread or muffins for breakfasts, or some cookies or cupcakes (refined sugar-free of course) for my partner to take to work and for my son and I to have for morning teas during the week. If i make a huge stack of snacks on Sunday I chuck half or all of it into the freezer for when I have no time to bake fresh.

This weeks plan plus books used:

Sat- Chicken & chorizo paella (Save with Jamie, Jamie Oliver)

Sun- Slow cooked beef & veg soup (Slow Cooker 4, The Australian Women’s Weekly)

Mon- Veggie ramen with steak (Everyday Superfoods, Jamie Oliver)

Tue- Mushroom ragout pasta (Meat Free,

Wed- Slow cooked Coffee & cacao-cured pulled beef with Broccoli buckwheat tabbouli (I Quit Sugar Simplicious, Sarah Wilson)

Thurs- Pumpkin & silverbeet penne (Meat Free,

Fri- Sweet potato nachos (leftover pulled beef). (I Quit Sugar Simplicious, Sarah Wilson)



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