Flora & Fauna unboxing

I recently ordered the Spring vegan beauty box from Flora & Fauna and like their winter box i was super impressed so i’ve decided to document my initial thoughts on the products included this season.

The packaging I love, all easily recycled, basic and practical. Like most subscription boxes on the market there is a welcome card that gives you the products listed and the RRP, with this box they include a 10% off any of the brands featured in the box which is fantastic! There’s also a handwritten personalised card, i adore it when companies go out of their way to make the customer feel special, really encourages me personally to buy from them again. Alrighty, on to the products!

First up i see a WOOHOO Body product, a full sized deodorant ($17.95). I love natural deodorant, I’ve been using the Black Chicken Axilla paste so will be interested to try this one, it smells really nice and almost delicate. Cute, vibrant packaging and comes with a tini tiny scoop. I’m a stinky, sweaty betty so will be interested to see if it works for me.

Next is a Desert Shadow organic curl rescue AMLA shadow ($21 for 100g). Now I have super straight, short hair BUT my sister in law has the most gorgeous long springy curls so i may gift it the her to try out.

NOOD coconut moisturising body whip ($19.95 for 100ml). Thick, almost no scent which is nice! Skin soaks it up super quick and it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. I’ve got super dry skin so this will be fantastic.

The Physic Garden Sleep Balm ($10.95 for 30g/ $16.95 for 50g). Cute little pot full of natural ingredients, handmade in AUS. First thing I can smell is the lemon balm, which when rubbed into the skin softens down a tad and allows the other ingredients to come through, leaves a slight greasy feel to the skin which is the be expected considering the base ingredients. I will definitely try this on my 8month old who hates sleep.

Amazing Oils Magnesium Pain Relief Wipe sample (from $19.95). I’m really interested to try magnesium as a form of muscular pain relief, I’ve heard good things about the sprays. My 2 year old has been recently telling us he has sore legs (? growth spurt) so may be able to try it on him.

MÁDARA Age Defence Day Cream + Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream ($74 for 50ml each). I’m actually on the hunt for an excellent eye cream, so please comment or hit me up if you know of one, will like to see how these feel on the skin bit hard to see any results with 1.5ml samples but see how we go.

Final sample LA MAV organic BB Crème ($39.95 for 50ml, $5 sample). No scent, miles too dark for my pasty paleness but the info card does say that can mix with daily moisturiser to lighten it up. I’ll try it out for sure, as I’m also on the hunt for a cruelty free foundation and other makeup.

Overall, the box is exceptional as its full of products that I would actually use or can easily give to friends or family to try. If you are wanting to try new, vegan products, the Flora & Fauna site and Seasonal Beauty Boxes are a the best way to start. The spring box is currently still available at https://www.floraandfauna.com.au/beauty-boxes/

Until next time,




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