So today I baked a cake…

I love, love, love baking and cooking in general. I enjoy watching others eat (creepy i know) and it makes me feel really good when they like what they eat. Since going refined sugar free it’s been a challenge finding ¬†snacks and ‘sweet treats’ that i can make and happily give to my family, so when I came across Incredible Bakes by Caroline Griffiths I got very excited (like a kid at christmas) so far I’ve made a few of the cookie recipes, tweeting ingredients here and there, to great success. But I wanted to go all out this weekend and bake a ‘celebration cake’. I may have nothing to really celebrate at the moment but hey I feel like cake! I’m going to attempt the carrot cake with lemon cream-cheese frosting on Monday when Mr. 2 year old is in care and i can devote all my attention to the cake whilst my daughter hopefully naps….

So the day has arrived, and sure enough young miss is not having a great day. However we got the cake made in 2 batches (to get the 3 layers) as I’ve only got 2 of the same sized tin. The cake needed longer than the recipe stated to cook through. Whilst it was cooling I made the frosting- side note, I used less than half the recommended amounts of sweetener in the cake and next to zero in the frosting… The frosting was¬†made with fresh picked lemon zest and juice and the tiniest amount of sweetness was lovely. Layering the cake was fun, I spread icing/frosting with an old butter knife (lack of proper cake making implements still). I topped with lemon peel and more walnuts.

dsc_0371dsc_0370dsc_0375Final thoughts. The cake is super moist, could have done with more carrot and spices as it seems a little bland, note for next time. And the sweetener I used I think was a bit much, after being used to little no no sweetness I got a headache, will see hoe others who eat sugar take to it. It was an enjoyable few hours spent.




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