Good Green Box September unboxing

After following Good Green Box on Instagram for a while I thought I’d sign up to the monthly subscription box ($25 AUD a month) of natural (some organic & vegan) samples. This box feels like a jam packed one! Let’s open her up and review the contents

  • Everyday Good Co. Biodegradable Bandages (pk 20 nude). What a fantastic idea!! I have a slight allergy to regular bandages so these latex free, biodegradable ones will be great, and did I mention they’re biodegradable!? Amazing!
  • Ethique Hair Solid Conditioner Bar Wonderbar. At first glance i thought this was a cute soap, but reading the instructions it’s actually a conditioner in a solid bar (love heart shaped). It smells amazing, like coconut. Is cruelty free as well which is great!
  • SCIN. Love Your SCIN Coffee Body Polish tea tree. Organic in shower body polish. Smells like tea tree with the coffee scent very faintly there. Quite a moist pot, feels quite nourishing between the fingers. Cant wait to try it out.
  • WOOHOO! Deodorant Paste. I’ve recently received one of these in another box, this one is i a cute sample pot which would be great on a travel bag or handbag (or in my case nappy bag). Cruelty free and Australian made and owned. Am really excited to try it out, also keep following for a future blog comparing the Black Chicken vs WOOHOO! deodorants.
  • Baimeni 100% Natural face oil. Vegan, cruelty free, 100% plant based, Australian made and owned. Made with essential oils that are known to assist with reducing fine lines and wrinkles (Yes please!). This will be interesting to test out, straight up I smell the sandalwood which is really lovely and soothing, once rubbed into the skin all the other scents come through. Soaks into my skin really quite fast leaving the skin smooth, slight greasy feel- might be a great night treatment.
  • At one Skincare Bliss Body oil. Vegan 85% organic, cruelty free. Tini tiny sample, smells devine!! Pink grapefruit and blood orange! Rubs in wonderfully, skin soaks it up really quickly with no greasy feeling, shame its such a tiny sample, I feel this would be an amazing all over body oil, its so luxurious.
  • Natura Siberica Extra-Firming Hand Cream. Now, I have extremely dry, cracked, old looking hands (thanks mum). Applied to freshly washed and dried hands, goes on really smoothly, smells quite sweet, almost musky, takes a few minutes to fully absorb but noticeably my hands feel softer, still dry and cracked on my knuckles but may need continual use to see big results.
  • last sample. Manda Made Replenishing Hair Treatment. Tea Tree, Vegan, Raw. contains coconut oil, argan oil and tea tree oil. I am super excited to try this one, I’m currently growing out my hair (short bob at the moment) for my wedding so may even jump on the website and pick up more if i enjoy how it feels in my hair. A percentage of sales are donated as well which is great! (Animal Australia).

For my first box of samples I am really impressed, there’s something in here for every part of the body really and all things I would use up and consider buying again. I am definitely going to stay subscribed, can’t wait to see what we get next month!!






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