Vegetarian thoughts

I’ve been thinking the last few weeks of introducing more vegetarian meals into my families diet. I find that the older i get the more sympathetic I am to what animals go through to end up on our plates, and I’m not sure if it’s this mental process or a physical disgust to the smell and sometimes the texture of meats exp beef that pushes me to seriously consider becoming vegetarian.

It’s now trying to find replacement meals to the ones we love, child friendly and easy to cook! I’ve been on the hunt for an all round, simple vegetarian cookbook to help out, am yet to find one. We don’t have a heap of money to spend on lots of different books to cover all our needs, so at the moment I’ve been trying to find recipes and ideas on the internet but this can be pretty time consuming and I’d rather spend more time playing with my babies. Anyway, I will come across something…





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