Black Chicken Axilla vs WOOHOO! Body Deodorant paste.

I was lucky enough to receive a WOOHOO! Body (WB) deodorant paste in the Spring Flora & Fauna beauty box, so I thought I’d compare it to the Black Chicken Axilla (BB) paste that I’ve been using for a few months now.

First up the packaging, like apples and pears, they are completely different. The BB is a dark tub with a black lid, I really love it, it’s sleek and looks great on the bathroom counter. The WB on the other hand comes in a cute little box, and the tub itself is a bright coral pink colour with white writing. The WB is a all round larger tub, but it holds 70g, whereas the BB holds 75g, go figure.

The Black Chicken smells to me like cloves and lavender (I’m sure everybody will pick up different scents in both, these are just what my snoz can smell). It has a really smooth paste texture that rubs into the axilla easily straight from the tub and seems to absorb/rub in completely without leaving any sticky residue. I find I can comfortably wear it all day until bedtime without any stinky smells coming off me. It doesn’t completely stop sweat but lessens wetness through out the day.

WOOHOO! Body smells like Cedarwood and citrus. It comes with a little scoop which I find I need to use as the texture is rougher and a little bit crumbly. It pays to work it between the fingers to warm it into a smooth paste then apply, it takes a little working to get it to completely absorb into the skin, and can sometimes leave a little bit of a greedy/oily feel (perhaps I applied too much on these occasions). It wears well during the day doing the normal mummy activities, I find that around dinner time I can start to get a little smelly so would need to reapply if I happened to go out again (If only!). And like the BB it doesn’t stop the sweat just lessens the wetness, of course for others they will probably have different effects as everyone is different. dsc_0415

Both pastes smell amazing on and work really well, I personally like the Black Chicken Axilla paste a bit more and would recommend it to those who are switching from mainstream deodorants to natural as it seems to have a stronger, longer lasting effect than the WOOHOO!


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