The I Quit Sugar challenge round 2

This is my second go at doing the I Quit Sugar 8 week program and I thought that this time I would do the vegetarian summer program, I’ve decided to do the program again mainly for a bit of inspiration as to what healthy vegetarian meals i could make in the coming months and also to make sure I stay on the wagon in the lead up to Christmas.

This first week was quite a nice one, I occasionally changed a menu to suit our families needs adding a piece of meat for my fiancee or changing cauliflower for broccoli as no one in our house really likes it. The menu was quite varied, having a pad thai one night, spring pea pasta salad and curried veg empanadas another so it can be a bit to get the taste buds around, I would almost like to have the whole plan upfront and be able to plan each week with a flavour/country or ingredient as the focus. Anyway I’m sure they do it this way for a very sound reason. Images are two of the favourites this week

Chicken, Brocoli and dukkah noodle salad


Miso-glazed tofu with crunchy noodle salad


I also had a crack at doing some regular walking and doing some of the exercises the program suggest, these were lunges, squats, sit ups ect. my aim this program with the fitness side is just to build some muscle as I’m super lean.



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