Good Green Box Oct

Yes, I know it’s now December! life though right!

With the October box I took a different approach and used up all the products to give a better review of them.

Let’s start with brands we’ve seen before (I have only bought the previous months box, Sep)

At One Skincare- Night repair serum. Last month I got the body bliss oil, this month is the night repair serum. A little of this goes a long way, however my skin slightly reacted to it, may need to use it a bit more to get used to it but I wouldnt go out and buy it. It smells really nice though.

Love Your Scin Coffee body polish Wild Orange. Last month was tea tree scent, this one i feel smells more like coffee than the last, milder orange scent. I love the feel of the scrub, its not too rough and leaves the skin smooth and soft, I used it on my son as well as it doesn’t react with his senstitive skin. Great body polish.

Eleos Skincare 100% Natural Extra Virgin Olive oil soap- Orange cinnamon + turmeric. Very gentle soap, smells delicate and doesn’t leave much of a scent on the hands, which is nice. A good side for a travel bag. Doesn’t dry out hands.

The Vintage Girl Balm lip balm. Now I have a bit of a problem with this product, It’s stated on the info card that this product is vegan which is amazing, but! it says it contains bees wax- which obviously comes from bees therefore making it not vegan. The balm itself smells like shea butter and bees wax so not the most pleasant but seems to be moisturising on the hands, I can’t use anything waxy on my lips.

Amazing oils organic magnesium oil. I received this in a box before, can get a few uses from a wipe, broke my sensitive skinned fiancee out in a rash however seemed to work ok for me.

MooGoo skincare milk wash. I used up all of this one in about a week so good sized sample, using it as a face and décolleté wash. Smells delicate, feels milky on the skin. Nothing to exciting on my face in terms of feeling or results, broke my body skin out in a slight rash that faded quickly.

Pearl Bar Charcoal toothbrush. Always handy to have a spare toothbrush, currently using charcoal and really enjoying it.

Vegesorb Moisturiser. 3x sachets Apricot and Almond oil. Now these sachets would have to probably be my favourite in this box they’re non greasy, smells lovely and feels so nice and nourishing on the skin,

I didn’t feel to impressed by this box and decided to stop my subscription as a one income family it isn’t viable to get samples that I don’t love and repeat products and brands that weren’t to impressive.


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