Completed I Quit Sugar rd 2

So I’ve recently finished the I Quit Sugar 8 week program and I have to say  I’m really disappointed with the recipes in this round. I went with the vegetarian program and was hoping there would be lots of vibrant summery ways to get the best out of seasonal produce, however it seemed that there wasn’t much variety and most meals had tofu/tempha base and there’s only so many days in a week that you can eat and enjoy that.

There were a few nice meals which I documented over on my Instagram, but I found that I wasn’t as excited about the meal planning and cooking as I was the first time I did the program. I had also recently bought Anna Jones A Modern Way To Eat, and this book has what I was hoping I quit sugar would be more like, so many amazing, vibrant, delicious meals in this book, so a few times I replaced a IQS meal with one from Anna’s and seriously enjoyed the results.

I don’t think I will be doing any more IQS 8 week programs, instead I might buy Anna Jones’ other book and some fresh produce from the local markets and stick to organising meals weekly myself.


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