Flora & Fauna Summer Beauty Box

Seriously my favourite time of the season is ordering and receiving the Flora & Fauna beauty box, usually packed with a range of natural, vegan and cruelty free products (full sized and samples). This season was another great one, so I’m going to run through them and give my thoughts.

  1. Madara Micellar Water (full sized)- All in one cleanser, toner & make up remover in super sleek packaging, this micellar water is amazing! I have sensitive skin and this stuff didn’t even slightly sting my eyes and removed makeup really easily leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Definitely one to buy again.
  2. Grant’s Liquid Chlorophyll Concentrate (full sized)- An alfalfa concentrate that also contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and is naturally alkaline this concentrate is meant to help with energy levels and wellbeing. It is spearmint flavour and I tried it a few times mixed with water but I think the minty flavour was a bit odd and too strong for me. Maybe I would stick with it if I tried and more neutral/no flavour.
  3. INIKA Mineral Bronzer (sample in Sunloving)- Wow wow wow, this mineral bronzer is gorgeous!!Super pigmented so a little goes a long way, the sample pot is quite a generous size. The colour is natural and just looks like you’ve been out and gotten yourself a sun kissed glow. This brand has some seriously amazing products, I would definitely recommend them.
  4. Lily Lolo BB Creme (sample in light)- This is an all in one moisturiser, foundation and concealer and is silicone free. It goes on super smooth, hides all my spots and dark circles (hello mum life) and can be layered for more coverage. Super convenient to have everything in one product, it didn’t break me out and the colour was perfect for me! Must be super popular as Flora & Fauna never have it in stock when I go there get some! Love it!
  5. Little Ondine Peelable Nail Polish (full sized in Lo31 sparkles)- A water based non toxic nail polish that can be peeled off, cool right!? I got the Sparkles one and it was perfect timing for Christmas! Different sizes of silver glitter in a clear varnish, was easy to put on the nails I could even apply it to my 2yr olds toes. Dries really fast, but need to keep fingers dry for about an hour after application. If it starts to look old, or you just want to try a new colour it’s so easy to peel off and doesn’t damage your nails in the process. Would be a perfect gift for little girls or those who like a change their nail colour every week.
  6. Pukka Tea (sample x1 Blackcurrant Beauty)- Caffeine free, certified organic teas that taste amazing! The sample I got was blackcurrant beauty and it was a pretty deep pink/purple colour which surprisingly got sweeter as it cooled, most herbal teas get a bit bitter when cold, so this would make a really refreshing iced tea.
  7. Vanessa Megan Nature’s Elixir Face Oil (sample 4-5 applications)- Silly me trying to open the sample spilt heaps on myself, so I unfortunately wasted a couple of uses (I did rub the spilt product into my face however). It is quite strong smelling but my skin loved it and felt really nourished, a little goes a long long way.
  8. LA MAV Advanced Nightly Repair Vitamin C Nectar (sample vial)- This sample came in a tini  tiny vial and it is so cute!! When applied, makes the skin feel really silky and it is aimed at my current skin concerns. It is to brighten skin, for pigmented, sun damaged, age spotted or uneven skin. Might have to save up and get some more!

What also can in the box that wasn’t on the card was 2 NUZEST  (Australian brand) samples. Clean Lean Protein in wild strawberry and Kids Good Stuff in Chocolate mint. The protein powder is vegan so its base is pea protein with 20g per serve, tastes amazing and doesn’t leave me feeling ill like normal whey protein does. I made up the Kids good stuff and let my boy try it but he wasn’t a fan (aimed at 4+yrs) but i thought it tasted great and was quite filling. I liked the protein powder so much I jumped onto the current deal on Flora & Fauna and got myself the creamy cappuccino 1kg for AUD$10 after spending $30 online, saving a cool $74.95. https://www.floraandfauna.com.au/brands/Nuzest.html great brand.

As always Flora & Fauna have met and surpassed my expectations and I’m eagerly awaiting to preorder the Autumn box.



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