Everyday Good Co. A Brand Review

After my blog post/review on the September Good Green Box, the lovely Cassandra from Everyday Good Co. got in contact with me and offered to send some of their bandages for me to trial and review. Lucky me got sent all three so I’ll be able to give my thoughts on them all.

Everyday Good Co. are an Australian company located in Melbourne Vic, that strive to make high quality sustainable goods that are available to everybody, and as well as that they donate 50% of their profits to The Hunger Project Australia. At this stage they make really affordable fun bandages in three varieties; Clear (clear adhesive with the normal white pad), Nude (your typical coloured bandage) and Emoji (bright yellow with black emoji, with 10 different faces in the pack).

The bandages are Biodegradable with each variety taking between 1.5-2 years to break down and a maximum of 4 to decompose completely, are suitable for sensitive skin, latex free and made in part from recycled materials (10-15% with the packaging 100%) and only $3.95AUD for the nude and $4.95AUD for the clear and emoji.

Over the weekend I applied each of the bandages onto hard working areas of the body to really give them a run for their money. The clear has a 2 step application, you take off the normal paper to stick to the skin but then you take off the top paper which leaves you with a clear bandage, brilliant and really simple to use. I applied the clear onto my foot, before chucking on shoes and having quite an active day (shovelling, gardening in 38c weather) and it did not move or lift, even after a scrub in the shower, I had to find the edge and gently pull it off! That is one impressive bandage! Leaves no sticky residue and like the whole range, doesn’t leave me with a rash.

The Nude I’ve tried previously and it is the same application as a normal bandage, but as with the clear they are stickier and tend to last a lot longer on the skin.

With the Emoji, I put one around my thumb (smiley love heart eyes) to see how the colour held up with constant bending. It has a really strong hold even with bending and little people (my 1year old) trying to pick it off, however the colour does start to wear/fade off in the spots where it is continually creasing after a few hours whereas with most “normal” bandages they would have started to roll off or lost their sticky. A little loss of colour vs loss of complete bandage, I know which I’d prefer.

I can’t wait to see what the brand comes up with next, and I will definitely be only purchasing these bandages in the future. I hope to see some more physical stores stock them soon.


If you’re interested in finding out more, head over to their website http://www.everydaygoodco.com






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