Recently I’ve returned to the fabulous realm of the workforce after almost 3 years out. I stopped working to have my 2 lovely children and as I am a nurse it was time I made  a return. I’ve got a casual position in a theatre, which is the area I’m most passionate about and I really couldn’t see myself working anywhere else! The team is super amazing, very approachable managers and it’s really nice to be able to have conversations with adults that actually value and seek your opinions.

The first couple of weeks with the kids in all day care was a bit hard for everyone, but they’re used to the routine now and seem to really enjoy it there, especially my youngest I think because she is that little bit younger she can adjust easier.

The aim now is to get constant work for the days they’re in care, or manage to find some kind of other paid work. Or even try for a full/part time position so that I have the opportunity to complete some further studies like a Post Graduate degree in Perioperative nursing.

The possibilities are endless.


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