Kate Moss- My New Style Icon + Body Issues

Ever since having baby no.2 and stopping breastfeeding my body has kind of ‘deflated’ I haven’t got any real sign that I’ve had kids, no stretch marks or anything like that, just a massive decrease in weight and the awful things that go along with low body weight; No boobs, no upper body at all really so a real difficulty finding clothes that don’t look like they’re hanging off me like a tent, lower overall energy levels and lower blood pressure. I unfortunately (and a lot of women will probably slap me) can’t put on weight, and I’m not about to drastically change from my current diet (low sugar, mostly vegetarian). The amount of times I’ve heard “go and eat a big burger/maccas” (mcdonalds) makes me cringe. I cut sugar out of my diet and noticed that I haven’t got fluctuating energy levels and I also lost cm’s off my hips which was obviously not meant to be there, I defiantly couldn’t go back to a high sugar diet.

So anyway, with no boobs and petite/waif thin figure, looking at social media is really disheartening when models and even ‘normal’ girls are all curvaceous and even skinny, tiny models still have decent ‘top/bra filling’ breasts, I had to try and think, who is a model that I can look at with a similar body structure and style? Who may be able to point me towards clothes the flatter my figure? You guessed it, it was Kate Moss.


After having a look into the legend that is Kate Moss, I discovered we have very similar body measurements, are the exact same height and lean towards the same style and colours (I’m aware that she is probably dressed by designers and paid the wear her signature style). She is the essence of simplistic, unique cool and to have been a serious model for as long as she has, she I feel is an ideal model. I figure if I have a serious hunt around my local boutique stores or travel down to Melbourne (hello shopping spree haha) I should be able to find just the right cut of clothes to fit me just right.


Ideally I would love to put on some weight but in the meantime why not try and embrace what I’ve got.


Images sourced from Pinterest.


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