Flora & Fauna Autumn box

What a fantastic box we have this season, I’m such a big fan of this company and love buying the beauty box every season. It’s great to know that every product is vegan.

In the box:

  1. Hot Tresses Natural Haircare (Conditioner)- This conditioner was incredible!! The smell was so calming and perfumed, it left my hair so silky and smooth even with only using it for a quick condition and when i used it as a treatment mask it noticeably reduced the dryness in my ends.
  2. James St. Organics Face Polish- I don’t know if it’s just me nut this product smelt really strong and unpleasant, even when using a tiny amount it was overpowering. The scrub itself was quite nice to use, it lathers and scrubs quite gently and leaves the skin smooth, however leaves a rash on my sensitive skin.
  3. Ere Perez Organic Almond Eyebrow Pencil- This pencil is so creamy and smooth! The shade is really great and could probably suit most eyebrow shades, it’s easy to sharpen and apply. I’m not a huge fan of the integrated brush as I’m more of a spoolie kinda gal, but others may really enjoy it.
  4. Resparkle Baby Laundry Powder- I haven’t had a chance to use this powder yet, I’ll probably use it to wash the kids sheets, they both have sensitive skin so it should work well I think.
  5. Green + Kind Natural Soap (Kunzel & Lemon Myrtle)- This soap has a really mild scent, low amount of bubbles and non drying. I think it could be a pretty great soap for facial cleansing.
  6. Delicious Skin Body Scrubs (Sweet orange + vanilla)- This scrub was quite chunky from the raw sugar and I thought it would be a rough and abrasive but I was really happy when it was gentle and left my skin so smooth. I used it to try and remove some tan,no go there though, must either be to gentle or the tan to sturdy.
  7. Black Chicken Love Your Face Serum- To me this brand can do no wrong, I have loved every products of theirs that I’ve tried and this serum is one of my favourites. It makes my skin so supple and hydrated and it smells amazing and a sample size goes such a long way.



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